riverside walks

the meadows

Enjoy the tranquil walks through our permanent pasture meadows and along the banks of the River Wye which for over one and a half miles meanders along the border of our farm.
Share the wide-open spaces and magnificent views with the grazing livestock and its abundance of wildlife including over 40 different species of birds which include Kingfishers, Herons and certain times of the year over 30 swans. Or just sit at the river bank and watch the world go by....

Fishing ….. whilst there is no fishing from our river banks, we
can recommend several local areas on the River Wye close by.

history of the farm

The farm was purchased by my grandfather in 1912 when the ‘Rotherwas Estate’ was sold, and has remained in the family ever since. 

Sadly he died in 1935 during the farming depression of the 1930’s and my uncle and father then took over the running of the farm aged only nineteen and seventeen.  To save the farm from being ploughed up during the second world war, my father was conscripted into the army, serving in North Africa, Middle East and Italy.

the name "sink green"

Probably comes from the fact that  hundreds of years ago all the ground above the house was woodland and this would have been a green flood plain, with very few trees or hedges until the enclosure acts of the 18th and 19th centuries.  Basically a green hollow.


  • swans on the wye

  • winter morning

  • going to work

  • cattle by the river

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